Samba in Stirling

Great fun with the women’s samba band in Stirling this morning then a train to Glasgow and a 9.5 mile cycle to Paisley. Staying with daughter Roxanne , her partner Stevie and wee Conor. Lovely to have a hot bath and time with family. Hubby Lee came up for a rendezvous and we got caught up on the laptop and backed up all the photos again. Never a dull moment!

Kinross to Stirling

26 miles today. The Cycle Touring Club journey Planner said it used 590 calories. – How many cakes is that again?! It sure felt like a long way to me though especially after having to De-camp at 6pm and move to a b&b last night due to a rather strange guy on the campsite!

Frequent pit stops and I arrived at Stirling to the sound of the pipes. Either they knew I was coming or there is a piping competition in the town…

I was the 307th cyclist of the day through this counter!