How much knitting how little time…

The blanket is finally all in one piece and there is only the edging to pick up.  I sewed it together with mattress stitch and am now picking up and knitting the border as instructed.  I am just not used to following someone else’s instructions for doing stuff like this but have decided to do so because it is good practise.

I need to get it finished so that I can finish all the other unfinished projects in my stash, and so that I can knit all the yarn I have spun plus the yarn I have bought, and the yarn I have dyed; and spin all the fibre I have bought…

crocheted reverse treble motifs.  A summer top?

My knitting group are knitting things for the Christmas stall we are having.  I meanwhile have a summer top to finish after this blanket…and I really want to finish my shawl.  Am I really going to knit Chrismas presents AND do stuff for a fundraising stall???  Well I did do two squash flower book marks, only I can’t find one of them. 

I spent half of the knitting group tonight eating crisps and cucumber as a kind of belated dinner and choosing library books – very handy this meeting in the library. I am so impressed with our young knitters – we have quite a few and tonight there were four in attendance, all knitting busily whilst I was eating, choosing books and definitely doing more nattering than knitting!

silk cocoons

today I have been dyeing silk cocoons yummy!.  I have also been sewing some of the mystery blanket together.  not long now, but I seem to be one square short!

taking photographs for the forthcoming spinning book

My spinning book is back for editing!  this is very exciting because there is not a huge amount to change, other than adding more photographs.
so Hubby has had chance to try out his new camera big time today, taking pix of spindles, spinning wheels and of course yours truly.

And best of all I now have his old camera which is much easier to use than mine.

the book will look something like this…

Still hoping for a publication date of November 2011 so watch this space…

All in a day’s work

I have started a new knitting blog, because my old one, on the website, will not link or do rss feeds to Facebook or Ravelry.  Oh dear!
However this one will work in conjunction with my simplicity blog, downshifterdiary where you can find out about our adventures in lifestyle and simple living.

Anyway, today I have been dyeing hanks of yarn for an order.  40 hanks of yarn, actually so I have been in yarn heaven all day. 20 hanks of laceweight and 20 hanks of sock yarn. Now I wish I could knit with all those lovely colours, but need to finish the shawl I am doing out of 7 small shawls to knit by Romi .  This is a fabulous booklet and the patterns have been thoroughly tested.  I have not found any errors in the one I am knitting. 
The laceweight and sock yarn are for sale on my website

just while I remember, here are some photos from our class ‘Improve Your Spinning’ at the Association of Weavers Spinners & Dyers summer school in August 2011.

colour blending results

all lined up and ready to go…
hard at work

a bit knackered?
our display of work