What is a Dinky Loom?

We are excited!   I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before really.    I  wanted  to do simple weaving, anywhere.  Something that takes no real brainwork, and does not go wrong if you do it in a coffe shop, on the train or at a craft group whilst chatting to friends.

 I don’t like the ‘pin looms’ that are available, with pins on all four sides.   They are slow and hard to use in my humble opinion and the results are not great.

I wanted something that anyone could do, and would appeal to people who have never woven, knitted or crocheted.  But would also appeal to seasoned weavers who want a small, portable project.  And to knitters and crocheters who want something portable to take to their yarn group.

So we have created just that.  Small, square looms.

We named them ‘Dinky Looms’.   I am in a weaving frenzy doing squares in whatever colours I fancy.  They can be joined together to make something larger, or they can just be coasters.

Weaving on one of our Dinky Looms

The squares are quick and easy to do.   You can weave on them pretty much anywhere.  In a coffee shop, on the train,   at a knitting group or Guild.   No existing skills needed.  But also fun if you do already have textile skills.  Its official – weaving is now portable, fun, easy and can be done almost anywhere.   And you can put your weaving in your handbag as these looms are just 125 cm/5 inches square.

Join pieces together to make scarves, cushion covers or wall hangings

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