Sorting and Washing Fleece

Sorting a fleece

This is the time of year when many spinners wash fleece. First sunny day and out it goes to dry.  It surprises me how many people are not confident so here are some tips.

Spread the fleece out on an old sheet and ‘skirt’ it. That means you take off a strip all the way around the outside.

Be firm  and discard everything that is not top notch quality. Any bits that are soiled, have marking colour on them or hay seed/debris.

Put what is left in a bucket(s) to soak.  You can just use cold water if it is freshly shorn and leave it overnight. Two buckets are enough for many fleeces but you can always process a bit at a time.

If it is not freshly shorn, it will benefit from a hot wash. Put it in a bucket with hot water and about 20ml of washing up liquid. Leave to soak.

Whichever method, it will then need rinsing.  Match the water temperature and leave it to soak for an hour. Repeat. Water does not need to be totally clear. Spin dry in a net bag/old pillowcase and spread out to dry.

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Wash fleece in buckets

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