What clothes do you take for a 70 day cycle ride?

A lot of people have asked me this. One change underwear n socks, two tee shirts,  merino long johns, merino undershirt, one fleece, one pair trousers, one pair waterproof trousers, waterproof jacket, windshell. Wearing cycle shorts n top plus the other set of underwear n socks.  It is amazing – that is enough.

Labour Behind the Label have a challenge you can do, where you wear only 6 items plus underwear, socks and shoes for a month.   So here they are, quite unintientionally I have done the challenge.  My 6 items and I have only them for 10 weeks.  Well I am wearing cycle shorts and tee shirt and have a coat as well.   but then the Merino long johns and undershirt count as more underwear, surely…

The Clothes I took with me on the trip.

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