Cycled 15 miles or so in a strong headwind, mostly in a low gear even on the flat. Lovely people and the cafe in Kelso told me to stay as long as I liked. Did I really look that knackered?! Bought a new cycle shirt as mine had snags on the front and the grubby marks will no longer wash out.

Bicycles in all the shop Windows In anticipation of the Tour Dr Britain, passing through on 8th September. Also Honda goldwings everywhere – they have a gathering this weekend.

Picture is of a gallery made to look like a boat and the dolphin is made of scrap metal cogs etc

The Kelso Boat Museum
The Kelso B&B is a modern bungalow in an estate. This iss on the wallpaper, the bedding and the lamps. Having trouble finding things in amongst it!

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